Dosing pump to complement the drinking water.
Item number : 1504

Accurate and reliable dosing pump to complement the drinking water, especially at a low flow rate.
AQUABLEND is designed for non-aggressive medicinal treatments, liquid minerals, trace elements, vitamins, …
It is ideal for dosing diluted powders and liquid products in the pigsty, the sheep pen and the poultry house.
Safety: The product dose is always based on the flow rate of the water supply.
No electricity required (fluid driven).

  • Powerful even at a low flow rate.

  • Easy maintenance, no tools needed.

  • The dose is adjusted in a simple and easy manner.


Version: Dosing from 0,2 to 2%. Flow rate: 0,01 m^3/h to 2,5 m^3/h. Connection ¾” (20x27). 

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Patented mixing system for the water and medication: the product never comes into contact with the motor.
The dose is adjusted in a simple and easy manner.
Interchangeable dosing mechanism.
It is mandatory to mount a fi lter of maximum 100 microns (ref. A-446) at the beginning of your installation as well as a 3/4" check valve (ref. 1430203).
Flow rate (l./mn) No
electrical power (W) No
voltage (V) No
Access No
itembarcode 3599150050449
Water supply way Water network
Water connecting No
Frost risk No


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