Insulated polyethylene stand for electric drinker
Item number : A572
PE-Stand for frost-free electric drinking bowls (BIGCHO 2, BIGSTAL 2, LAKCHO, STALCHO, CALDOLAC 5).
Made of double-walled HDPE foam-insulated with polyurethan (PU).
With a hole for drain hose. Insulating plug included.
Very sturdy and easy to install. To be fixed on the floor, 4 points.

Model designed for for cattle in the existing buildings.
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Double insulation: PU & air.
Very sturdy.
Drain plug.
The LA BUVETTE® stands are sturdier and easier to install than concrete stands. The double-walled polyethylene is fi lled with insulating polyurethane foam to ensure perfect thermal insulation. They are equipped with a drain hole for drinkers with a drain plug (BIGCHO2, BIGSTAL2).
Flow rate (l./mn) No
LENGTH (mm) 408
Width (mm) 408
Height (mm) 600
electrical power (W) No
voltage (V) No
itembarcode 3599150021128
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