The autonomous SOLAR-FLOW™ waterers and pumping stations offer the breeders a technology based on the know-how of LA BUVETTE®: save time and money from a wide choice of appropriate solutions based on the expertise of 500 installations that are currently in operation.

The solar range had to be presented in a clearer way and as personalised as possible integrating the parameters of each breeder. This has now been done by means of this new DST developed in the format of an interactive PDF that you can fill in with your data.

SOLAR WATERING: Time and Money Saver...

The strong point of the DST however is its water hauling cost calculator. It allows the breeder to become aware of the amount of money that is wasted each year and after how many seasons he can start make savings with one SOLAR-FLOW™. The tool also gives detailed examples of real life installations for each type of the range.

 Help about Solar watering systems

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