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Indoor Drinking Solutions

Water is vital to your animals,both for their health and fortheir performance... And it hasto be given to them in sufficient quantities of the appropriatequality, at the right place and at the right moment. The daily water intake varies according to the type of animal, its food, production, weight, the ambient temperature and the relative humidity of the air.

for indoor installation of drinkers:

  • Provide for a sufficient  number of drinking points to reduce competition at the drinker. 
  • At least two distant drinkers should be provided to allow the subordinate animals to drink freely.
  • Install the drinkers at a sufficient  distance from each other. The ideal trough length is 50 to 60 cm per cow and the maximum distance in the stable to the drinker is 20 m.
  • Choose the location of the drinkers favouring a good circulation of the animals (especially in the passageways between the cubicles) and keep the space around the drinkers clear to allow avoidance between dominant and subordinate animals. See all details on the following page.
  • Install the drinkers at the right height. When they are installed too high, the animals are prone to lapping (resulting in spilling) and when they are installed too low, the drinkers risk to be spoilt by dung.
  • The straw bedded areas are to be considered as a special case. Finally, to avoid soiling the litter, it is recommended to place the drinkers along the central passageway, taking care to prevent access from the straw area.
  • Keep an eye on the water quality. It is recommended to clean the drinkers once a week.
  • Control the water temperature. In general, the animals rather prefer warm water to cold water. In winter, the distribution of warm water can result in a higher production and in summer, cool water (10-15 °C) helps improve the ingestion and the production. See our solutions in the FROST-FREE section.
  • The installation of a filter at the beginning of the water line is necessary to guarantee the optimal  operation of the drinkers. Overpressure should also be avoided as this may affect the proper operation of  the valves and prematurely damage the wear parts. The installation of a professional pressure  reducing valve (A406) is mandatory when the pressure exceeds 5 bars (72.5 psi). 
  • The ideal operating pressure is 3 bars (43.5 psi).

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