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Vidéos La Buvette

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13 / 07 / 2024

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Our BLUE INTELLIGENCE centralised system automatically monitors the water intake by horses and warns you in real time in case of abnormal consumption.


20 ans après, nouveau crash test PREBAC ! 20 years later, new crash test PREBAC !

Tipping Wheelbarrow

The tipping wheelbarrows LA BUVETTE D186 and D187 are perfectly balanced to reduce stress on your arms.

LA BUVETTE The Specialist in Livestock Drinking Solutions

Learn more about the company LA BUVETTE, french manufacturer of livestock Equipment.

HOW TO : Install an AQUAMAT Pasture pump

Watch how to install easily a pasture pump AQUAMAT II in a river.

HOW TO : Install a frost free electric drinker for horse or cattle

Watch how to install an electric frost-free drinking bowl STALCHO2 or LAKCHO2 on a stand.

HOW TO : Install a SOLAR-BASIC pump

Watch how to install easily a solar pump SOLAR BASIC

Horses drinking in Isothermal Trough ISOBAR250

Simply horses drinking in an ISOBAR250 isothermal frost-free drinking trough

THERMOLAC Isothermal Drinking Trough

To drink, horses push easily on the balls of Thermolac.

Abreuvoir inox OVITUBE

Abreuvoir inox OVITUBE 120 en chèvrerie. Stainless steel drinker OVITUBE with goats.

un +GRAND ACCÈS à l'eau avec un abreuvoir isotherme THERMOLAC

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