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HDPE Manure-free footbath for cow allowing to optimize the efficiency of treatments
SKU REF : D107

Designed to help prevent and cure hoof problems throughout the herd.

Perfectly adapted to the gait of the animals :
1.60 m specially designed length to guarantee ideal dipping of the 4 hooves (a cow's step measures 80 cm).
The separation in the middle prevents the cow from taking too big steps and forces it to put its foot down from the first tray.
Width of 85 cm allowing installation in all return aisles.
Large openings between the arcs ensuring good evacuation of the manure while avoiding that the hooves cross over.
The top of the arcs is rounded to ensure that the hooves are guided back into the tray should a cow accidently step on them.
Rounded shapes of the tray and the arcs to protect the animals from injuries.
Non-slip bottom to avoid sliding.

Very sturdy and convenient :
Tray made of rotomoulded HDPE. Material resistant to the most aggressive products.
Seamless construction for better stability.
Easy to clean using a high pressure cleaner.
Easy and light to handle: 1.60 m long for easy handling. Compact: the trays can be stacked for storage.

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Save treatment products

• Manure falling in between the central grill does not contaminate the footbath allowing you to save product.
• 4 smaller trays to save product.
• The central separation also reduces splashing and product overflowing while the cows walk through the footbath.
• Deep tray (18 cm) to avoid product overflowing even when filled to a high level.

In-depth treatment
• The distinctly profiled bottom helps thoroughly opening the hooves allowing good penetration of the treatment product.
• The tray is designed to comply with the necessary 10 cm dipping depth to immerse the entire height of the hoof.

• 80 litres with a filling height of 13 cm
• 100 litres with a filling height of 15 cm
• Depending on the product, it is recommended to prepare between 0.6 and 1.0 litre of solution per cow and per passage.
Place two manure-free footbaths in a row to wash the hooves with clear water, followed by dipping in product or to obtain two dippings of each hoof in product.
Fill the tray with solution up to at least 12 cm to ensure sufficient dipping depth even during the last passages.
Length (mm) 1600
Width (mm) 850
Heigth (mm) 300
Bar code 3599150046510
Matter Polyethylene

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